Easter Religious Collection

Seasonal projects are unfinished and are available to complete at the workshop or as take-home kits. We'll have all needed supplies, plus a variety of paint and stain, for you to use to customize your project.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for our weekly workshop schedule.

Interchangeable Plates

The large plate stand is approximately 11.5" in diameter and includes the shiplap backer, scallop ring, and pair of legs: $25.

Large "He Is Risen" insert: $15.

The mini plate stand is approximately 8 " in diameter and includes the shiplap backer, solid ring, and pair of legs: $12.

Mini "He is Risen" insert : $8.

To purchase items from our

Easter Religious Collection, please click on the following link.

Tiered tray items

Forgiven, $8.

Church, $8. 

Easter Blessings, $8. 

Easter, $7. 

Lily, $6.

He Is Risen, $8. 

Cross, $6. 

Save 20% by purchasing the whole set for $40.

Mosaic Cross 

The mosaic cross is perfect for all ages! 

It's approximately 7 inches tall. 

Cost: $12 .

If you would like to include a name, please leave a comment during checkout.  

Because He Lives 

Our "Because He Lives" round is approximately 10" in diameter.  

Cost: $15. 

Optional stand available for $3.  

Leaning Tower 

Our interchangeable leaning tower is approximately 17" x 8". The three inserts are interchangeable and we will have different seasons and holidays available. 

Interchangeable Leaning Tower: $20.

Three Religious Easter Inserts: $20.

He Is Risen Door Hanger 

Our "He Is Risen"  door hanger is approximately 15" in diameter.

Cost: $45.

Interchangeable HOME Shelf Sitter

Looking for the perfect shelf sitter? 

It is approximately 7" x 14".

Interchangeable HOME shelf-sitter with Cross Nail insert: $30.

Additional inserts are available for $7 each.

Interchangeable Gnome 

This cute little fella is approximately 12". He matches perfectly with our tiered tray items and there's a new insert for him for each holiday/season.

Gnome with sheep: $25.

Additional inserts are available for $7 each.  

Inserts for Large Interchangeable Plate

We also have the "Because He Lives" and "Amazing Grace" inserts, which can be displayed solo or inside the large interchangeable plate stand.  

Because He Lives insert, $15. 

Amazing Grace insert, $15.