Fall Collection 

Seasonal projects are unfinished and are available to complete at the workshop or as take-home kits. We'll have all needed supplies, plus a variety of paint and stain, for you to use to customize your project.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for our weekly workshop schedule.

Large Plate Stands

What's our most popular interchangeable project!?  Drum roll...it's our interchangeable plate stand!    

The large plate stand is approximately 11.5" in diameter and  includes the shiplap backer, scallop ring, and pair of legs: $25.    

There are four choices for our fall collection: 

Large "Hello Pumpkin" insert: $15.  

Large "Grateful" insert: $15.

Large "Thankful" insert: $15. 

Large "Welcome to the Nut House" insert: $15.

Hello Fall Rainbow 

Size: Approximately 8.5" tall.

Cost: $20.

We love offering interchangeable projects!

Leaning Tower 

Our interchangeable leaning tower is approximately 17" x 8".  The three inserts are interchangeable and there are different seasons and holidays available.  Plus, it looks fabulous with our interchangeable window and interchangeable HOME sign

Interchangeable Leaning Tower:  $20.

Three Pumpkin Patch  Inserts: $20.

Three Scarecrow Inserts: $20 

Window Frame 

Our interchangeable window frame is even more stunning in person!  It's  approximately 16"  x 10"  and the small center circle piece is interchangeable.

Window frame with your choice of one insert, $30.

There are a total of 12 inserts, which can be purchased separately for $5 each. 

HOME Shelf Sitter 

Looking for the perfect shelf sitter?  Check out our interchangeable HOME sign in the above picture!   It is approximately  7" x 14".  Our pumpkin insert is perfect for fall.   We have more adorable inserts for each holiday/season.

Interchangeable HOME shelf-sitter with pumpkin insert: $30. 

Additional inserts are available for $7 each.  

Rustic Wagon

It doesn't get any cuter than our little rustic wagon!  It's a perfect add on accessory to your d├ęcor.  It's approximately 4"  x 12".  Plus, it has interchangeable accessories for each season/holiday!  

Rustic Wagon: $20.   

Fall accessories includes three geometric pumpkins and Fall Y'all sign, $20. 

Mini Plate Stand 

The mini plate stand is approximately 8 " in diameter and includes the shiplap backer, solid ring, and pair of legs: $15. 

Mini "Gather" insert: $10.

Kid Projects  

These cute scarecrow are the perfect size for kids to complete!  They are approximately 10"tall.  

There are two types of eyes available: fancy lashes and button eyes.

Cost: $15 each.  

Just a hangin' with my gnomie! 

This cute little fella is approximately 12".  He matches perfectly  with our tiered tray items and there's a new insert for him for each holiday/season.  

Gnome with Pumpkin: $30.  

Additional inserts are available for $7 each.  

Tiered Tray

Still looking for the perfect tiered tray to display your items!?  Build and paint your own with our kit..  

Cost: $40. 

To purchase items from our

Fall Collection, please click on the following link.  

Fall Door Hangers 

We have several 22" fall door hangers available! 

Hello Fall with cheetah print pumpkin. 

Hello with pumpkin and bucket list words on background. 

Gigantic Scarecrow 

Cost: $55 with bow.   


Pumpkin Patch Barn

Our pumpkin patch barn is approximately 12" tall and sits on a 16" board.   

Cost: $50.

Home Leaner 

Our interchangeable HOME leaner is a perfect showcase project! It's approximately 4' x 10" and the letter "O" can be swapped out for every season/holiday. It will look great on your porch or anywhere in your home! We have a variety of inserts to choose from.

Cost: $60 with pumpkin insert.

Additional inserts may be purchased for $7-$10 each.

Mini Hello Fall Door Hanger 

Hello Fall  with Pumpkin is approximately 14" x 10" and comes with a bow.  

Cost: $30.   

Hello Fall Pumpkin 

This adorable 22" pumpkin-shaped door hanger with cheetah overlay will surely spice up your front door.  

Cost: $50  with bow.   


Hello Fall Plate 

This cute interchangeable project is 10.5" in diameter and has different designs for each season/holiday.  The stand is also included.   

Round with hello and fall design, $30.  

Other inserts are available for $10 each. 

We have a ton of tiered tray items! 

Fall Banner, $8.. 

Scarecrow on Duty, $8. 

Scarecrow, $8. 

Directional Sign, $7. 

Leaves Are Falling, $8. 

Stand, $2.  

Save 20% by purchasing the entire set for $32.  

Happy Fall Double Pumpkins 

Our double pumpkins are approximately 22"  tall and sit on a 20" board.   

Cost: $55.

Interchangeable Truck with Pumpkins

There are plenty of choices for our interchangeable farmhouse truck.

12-inch shelf sitter (without holes at top) with pumpkin  accessories, $40.

12-inch door hanger (as shown in picture) with pumpkin accessories, $40.

Additional accessories are available for $15 per set. 


We do offer a MEGA 24" door hanger in this style too.

Mega with pumpkin accessories, $55.

Additional inserts are available to purchase for $20 per set. 

Hey Y'all Scarecrow

Hey Y'all Scarecrow is approximately  15" tall. 

There are two eye types:  fancy lashes and button eyes.  

Cost: $25.   


Interchangeable Classroom Door Hanger

Our interchangeable door hanger is perfect for your classroom! We have different holiday and seasonal inserts available.

It's approximately 18" in diameter and comes with a bow.

Classroom door hanger with Fall Insert, $60.

Additional inserts, $15 each.

Additional bows, $5 each.


Barn Quilt Pumpkin

Approximately 10.5" in diameter.

Words to choose from: Blessed, Gather, Grateful, & Thankful

Cost: $30.

Optional stand is available for $5. 

Interchangeable Welcome Sign

Our interchangeable welcome door hanger is perfect for every season/holiday! Simply swap out the insert!

Size: 10.5" in diameter.

Cost: $40 with Hello Pumpkin insert.

Additional inserts are available for $15 each.

Optional Mini Hanger Stand: $20.


Interchangeable Gnome Sweet Gnome Door Hanger

Dress up this handsome fella every holiday/season with his interchangeable hands!

Size: 18" in diameter.

Cost: $50 with Pumpkin insert. Bow is included.

Additional holiday/seasonal inserts are available for $5 each.

Pumpkin Spice Tray Items

Favorite Color: $7.

Coffee Cup: $7.

Pumpkin Spice Junkie: $7.

Pumpkin Season: $7.

Banner: $5.

Save 30% by purchasing the entire set for $25.

Gord Fall Door Hanger

Approximately 18" in diameter.

Cost: $55 with bow.

Interchangeable Gumball Machine

Our interchangeable gumball machine is the perfect addition to your Fall decor.

Approximately 9 inches in height.

Cost: $15 with raiser for the bottom.

VERY LIMITED STOCK of gumball machines.

Colors available: White and Teal.

Fall Gumball Inserts

Includes: 4 pumpkins, 6  leaves, stand-up leaves, and the Fall scoop.

Cost: $15.

Only Fall Scoop: $10.

Sweater Weather Round

Approximately 10.5" in diameter.

Cost: $25.

Optional stand is available to purchase for $5.

Interchangeable Highland Cow

Size: Approximately 9" tall.

Cost: $25 with Fall inserts.

Additional seasonal inserts are available to purchase for $6 each.

Spindle Pumpkin

Size: Approximately 9" tall x 7" wide.

Cost: $20.

Optional stand is available to purchase for $5.

Hello Fall Scarecrow Mini Door Hanger

Approximately 15" tall x 10.5" wide.

Cost: $35.

Stand-Up Mini Scarecrow

Approximately 13" tall x 9" wide.

Cost: $25.

The Leaf Thief

Check out this book from the local library, then complete this cute squirrel project!

Squirrel: $5.

Leaves are Falling Sign: $10.


The Scarecrow

Check out this book from the local library, then complete this cute scarecrow project!

Cost: $7.


Fall Porch Projects

Join us to create adorable fall projects!

Small pumpkin with acorns, approximately 12" in height, $20.

Medium pumpkin,  approximately 20" in height, $22.

Large pumpkin with fall banner, approximately 32" in height, $27.

All three pumpkins, $72.

Scarecrow with accessories, approximately 30" in height, $35.

Hello Fall Porch Leaner, $55.

Purchase all five, $150.