Outdoor Collection  

Seasonal projects are unfinished and are available to complete at the workshop or as take-home kits. We'll have all needed supplies, plus a variety of paint and stain, for you to use to customize your project.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for our weekly workshop schedule.

 Multilayered Fish 

The 6-layered fish is approximately

5" tall by 10" wide.  

Cost: $35.  

Multilayered Turkey

The 7-layered  turkey is approximately

9" tall by 9" wide.  

Cost: $40.  

Hunting Tiered Tray Items 

Forest Round, $8.

Rifle Tag, $6.

Deer Shiplap, $6.

Deer Plain, $6.

Eat, Sleep, Hunt, Repeat, $10.

Better in Woods, $10.

Save  by purchasing the whole set, $35. 

To purchase items from our

Outdoor Collection, please click on the following link.  

Door Hangers 

We have two options for our 18" multilayered bear door hanger.   

Adventure Awaits with bow, $50.  

Interchangeable "Welcome" with bow, $50.  Comes with your choice of one insert (snowflake, heart, shamrock, egg, flower, sun, apple, pumpkin, turkey, or tree), 

Additional inserts may be purchased for $3 each.  

Name Rounds for Kids 

These cute name rounds are  the perfect size for kids to complete!

Approximately 9.5" in diameter.

They may choose to include their name or a different word/phrase. Please leave details in comment section at checkout.

Can be customized with or without holes for hanging.

Cost: $15 each.  

Optional stand may be purchased for $3. Stand found under the "Kids and Teens" tab.

Multilayered Bears 

Our 6-layered bear projects are super fun!  

They are approximately 9" tall by 11" wide.

There are three designs to choose from: only bears, hunter and dogs, no hunter with dogs.    

Cost: $35 each.  

Multilayered Mountains

The 7-layered  mountains project  is approximately 6" tall by 8" wide.  

Cost: $40.  

Fishing Tiered Tray Items 

Fishing Vest, $6.

Here Fishy, Fishy, $8.

Fishing Hat, $6.

Fishing Hooks, $6.

Gone Fishing, $8.

I'd Rather Be Fishing, $8.

Save by purchasing the whole set, $35. 

Reel Great Dad Ornament 

It's approximately 6" in diameter.  

Cost: $10.  

Gifts for Dad 

Our sweet "Starry Night" is the perfect project for your outdoorsy dad! 

It's approximately 11" x 8" .  

Cost: $30 with up to 4 engraved stars. 

Each additional star is $1.  

Optional Stand available: $5. 

Large Interchangeable Plate Stand 

The large plate stand is approximately 11.5" in diameter and includes the shiplap backer, scallop ring, and pair of legs: $25.

Large "Gone Fishing" insert: $15.

Nursery Rounds 

Our nursery rounds will spruce up the nursery!  

Approximately 18" in diameter. 

Customized with  name or a different word/phrase. Please leave details in comment section at checkout.

Cost: $55.   

Birth Announcements 

Let us help you with your baby's birth stats, adorable keepsake for hospital footprints, and a friendly reminder to attach to the carrier/stroller.  

Carrier Tag: $15.

Birth Stats Round: $20.

Approximately 7.5" in diameter.

Footprints Keepsake: $15.

Approximately 6" in diameter. 

Multilayered Virginia

The 4-layered  Virginia project  is approximately 8" tall by 16" wide.  

Cost: $30.  

Fishing Door Hanger 

Our fishing door hanger is approximately

18" in diameter. 

Cost: $45.  

Multilayered Deer

The 5-layered  deer  project  is approximately

11" tall by 5" wide.  

Cost: $25.  

Multilayered Horse

The 8-layered  standing horse project  is approximately 8" tall by 10" wide.  

Cost: $40.  

Customized Growth Chart

Our growth charts are a special addition to your child's room! 

Size: 6 feet tall by 10 inches wide.  

Woodland Growth Chart with name, plus trees, raccoon, fox, and bear.  

Cost: $100. 

If you would like a different theme, please contact us to vertify design and cost.