Thanksgiving Collection 

Seasonal projects are unfinished and are available to complete at the workshop or as take-home kits.

At the workshop, we'll have all needed supplies, plus a variety of paint and stain, for you to use to customize your project.  Take-home kits offer optional paints and/or stains. Paint brushes and glue are not included in take-home kits.

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Reservations are required.

Large Interchangeable Plate Stand

The large plate stand is approximately 11.5" in diameter and  includes the shiplap backer, scallop ring, and pair of legs: $30.    

Large "Happy Thanksgiving" insert: $15.

Large "Grateful, Thankful, & Blessed" insert: $15.

Large "Eat the Ham" insert: $15.

Mini Plate Stand

The mini plate stand is approximately 8" in diameter and includes the shiplap backer, solid ring, and pair of legs: $15.

Mini "Grateful, Thankful, & Blessed" insert: $10.

Interchangeable Window Frame 

Our interchangeable window frame is even more stunning in person!  It's  approximately 16"  x 10"  and the small center circle piece is interchangeable.

Window frame with your choice of one insert, $35.

There are a total of 12 inserts, which can be purchased separately for $8 each. 

Give Thanks Turkey Sign

This cute give thanks turkey project is perfect for kids to complete!  

Approximately 10" tall and 9.5" wide.

Cost: $20.

Optional stand is available to purchase for $5.

Interchangeable Gnome with Turkey Insert

This cute little fella is approximately 12".  He matches perfectly  with our tiered tray items and there's a new insert for him for each holiday/season.  

Gnome with Turkey: $30.  

Additional inserts are available for $8 each.  

To purchase items from our

Thanksgiving Collection, please click on the following link.  

Home Leaner 

Our interchangeable HOME leaner is a perfect showcase project! It's approximately 4' x 10" and the letter "O" can be swapped out for every season/holiday. It will look great on your porch or anywhere in your home! We have a variety of inserts to choose from.

Cost: $70 with turkey insert.

Additional inserts may be purchased for $8-$10 each.

Interchangeable Truck with Turkey

There are plenty of choices for our interchangeable farmhouse truck.

12-inch shelf sitter (without holes at top) with turkey  accessories, $45.

12-inch door hanger (as shown in picture) with turkey accessories, $45.

Additional accessories are available for $15 per set. 

Optional Mini Hanger Stand: $20.


We do offer a MEGA 24" door hanger in this style too.

Mega with turkey accessories, $60.

Additional inserts are available to purchase for $20 per set. 

Turkey Rounds

These cute turkey rounds are the perfect size for kids to complete!  

Approximately 10" in diameter.

Cost: $20.

Optional stand is available to purchase for $5.

Hello Thanksgiving Interchangeable Round

This cute interchangeable project is 10.5" in diameter and has different designs for each season/holiday. The stand is also included.

Round with hello, thanksgiving insert, and stand: $30.

Other inserts are available for $10 each.


Give Thanks Turkey Mini Door Hanger

The cutest door hanger to spice up your Thanksgiving decor!

Approximately 10" x 10".

Cost: $25 with bow.

Optional Hanger Stand: $20.

Turkey With Name

This cute little turkey is the perfect project for your kids to paint and decorate!

Approximately 9" tall by 7" wide.

Cost: $15.

Includes stand. Available with or without bow on the turkey's head.

Name or other word is available to customize.

Interchangeable Post

Our interchangeable post is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving decor!

Approximately 15" tall by 10" wide.

Cost: $45 with Thanksgiving inserts.

Additional seasonal inserts are available to purchase for $20 each.

Thanksgiving Tray Items

Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, & Thanksgiving: $8.

Pumpkin Pie: $6.

Turkey: $10.

Male Pilgrim: $8.

Female Pilgrim: $8.

Pumpkin Banner: $5.

Whole set, $45.

Interchangeable Seasonal Highland Cow

Size: Approximately 9" tall.

Cost: $30 with Thanksgiving inserts.

Additional seasonal inserts are available to purchase for $8 each.