Gnome Collection  

Seasonal projects are unfinished and are available to complete at the workshop or as take-home kits.

At the workshop, we'll have all needed supplies, plus a variety of paint and stain, for you to use to customize your project.  Take-home kits  offer optional paints and/or stains. Paint brushes and glue are not included in take-home kits.

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Reservations are required.

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Interchangeable Door Hanger 

Who can resist a cute gnome!?  We surely can't! We just love these little creatures!

This cute fella can be fashionable for all the different holidays and seasons!  

Size: 18" in diameter.

Hanger with your choice of one hand, $50  

Additional hands may be purchased for $8 each. 

There are a total of 11 hands to choose from.  

To purchase items from our Gnome Collection, please click on the link.  

Interchangeable Stand-Up Gnome 

This cute little fella is approximately 12". He matches perfectly with our tiered tray items and there's a new insert for him for each holiday/season. 

Cost: $30 with choice of one insert.

Additional inserts may be purchased for $8 each.

There are a total of 16 inserts to choose from.

Interchangeable Mini Gnomes 

These mini gnomes are approximately 9" tall.

Boy & Girl Set with choice of one insert bundle: $50.

Gnomes can be purchased individually for $30 and include choice of one insert.

Hat and Hands are interchangeable and can be switched out for every holiday/season.

Additional hat and hand inserts packages are available to purchase for $12 each.