Collection: Book A Private Event

Mulberry's DIY Workshop, located in downtown Lexington, Virginia, provides a fun, creative, and safe place to host private events including birthday parties, family gatherings, and team-building activities for businesses.   

*Monthly Paint Groups do not follow these guidelines.*

*Birthday Party Packages are available for children.*

Private Event Workshop

  • The workshop can accomodate up to 30 participants; 18 in the front room and 12 in the back room.  
  • Food and drink are allowed. 
  • There is a $50 non-fundable reservation fee for a 3 hour time block, which includes 15 minutes to set-up prior to the workshop. 
  • We encourage guests to purchase their project online at least 7 days before the scheduled workshop.  A late fee will be added to projects purchased 3-6 days before the scheduled workshop and a rush fee will be added to projects purchased 24-48 hours before the scheduled workshop.